Democracia e propósito no último dia de Web Summit

Nesta quinta-feira, 7, temas como a reinvenção da maneira de se fazer política e negócios está em pauta com destaque para Brian Whipple, CEO da Accenture Interactive

7 de novembro de 2019 - 5h00

O Web Summit chega ao último dia amarrando temas como propósito, democracia e o futuro das sociedades. Ainda que temas relacionados ao futuro da humanidade estejam presentes em todo o festival, eles aparecem com mais força nesta quinta-feira, 7, amarrando todas as discussões durante os painéis. Um dos destaques do dia é o painel de Brian Whipple, CEO da Accenture Interactive, que fala sobre propósito e inovação e o encerramento do evento com a presença do presidente de Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Purpose and innovation: Rethinking how we do business
11.50 – 12.10(20min)
Our time is precious. Success is no longer measured by pure profit alone and traditional marketing won’t cut it. Time to rethink how we do business.
Speakers Brian Whipple CEO, Accenture Interactive

Can technology revitalise democracy?
Future Societies
Thursday Nov 7, 14.10 – 14.30(20min)
Although digital technology and in particular social media is often seen as a driver of the current crisis of liberal democracy, it may also be part of the solution. Around the world, citizens have used digital technology to experiment with new forms of communication and mobilization and parties and governments have used digital technology to involve citizens.
Speakers Ayman Hariri Founder & CEO, VERO Carlos Moedas European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, European Commision Hans Kundnani Senior research fellow, Chatham House

The future of mobility is bigger than cars: disruption is coming to city transport
Auto/Tech & TalkRobot
11.35 – 11.55(20min)
The IoT will revolutionize urban transport and enable cities to reconfigure their transport networks to prioritize personal mobility. Autonomous cars will be one of many choices in a smart, integrated multi-modal system.
Speakers Roland Busch CTO, Deputy CEO & Member of Managing Board, Siemens

Welcome to the future of mobile robots
Centre Stage 14.00 – 14.25(25min)
A pioneering company at the cutting edge of robotics showcases its vision for the future of robotic technology that interacts with the world.
Speakers Marc Raibert Founder & CEO, Boston Dynamics

Promoting democratic values online
Future Societies
15.30 – 15.50(20min)
Social media is often seen as a double edged sword – it can help to promote democratic values, giving everyone a voice, or it can undermine our democratic structures, unleashing the worst within our societies. In this session we will hear from Vera Jourova, the incoming European Commissioner responsible for protecting democratic values across the entire continent.
Speakers Věra Jourová EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers & Gender Equality & Vice-President-designate for Values & Transparency, European Commission Sam Schechner Senior tech correspondent for Europe, Middle East and Africa, The Wall Street Journal

Can you really trust your bank?
12.20 – 12.40(20min)
You can have the most adapted solutions, groundbreaking AI and fastest UX in the world, but one data breach will send the most established institutions into a tailspin. As techsavvy millenials become the target demographic, how can banks gain their trust?
Speakers Jacqueline Molnar Chief Transformation Officer & Global Head of Compliance, Western Union John Wolanin Co-founder , Carolina Abenante Founder, NYIAX Marco Peereboom New Systems Development, Decred Natalia Drozdiak European Technology Reporter, Bloomberg